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[NI0025] In Memory of George Howard Brackney

George Brackney, son of Marmaduke and Susanna Haworth Brackney, was born on his father's farm near Dover, January 6, 1832, and died October 20, 1920, ages 88 years, 9 months and 14 days. He was the fouth son in a family of seven children. Of these there now remains only one sister, Mary Terrell, of Waynesville.
He recieved his education in the common schools of those days, although his school life was not long, by close observation in nature, and through reading he kept himself well-informed, and able to discuss all questions of the day.
He was converted and and jointed the Freinds Church when a young man.
November 25, 1853, in the old Lytles Creek meeting house, he was united in marriage to Judith Ann Haines, daughter of Stacy and Judith Terrell Haines, by the Friends ceremony.
Eight children came to brighten their happy home--Stacy Allen, the oldest, whose home is in Florida; Mahlon who died about four years ago; Edwin, of Wilmington, George, of Columbus; Lewis, who died two years ago; Mabel, the wife of Charles Farquhar; John of near Wilmington, and Anna, wife of Charles Chaney, of Wilmington. Also 15 grandchildren, and six great grandchildren.
He had a great love for his home and family, and had lived with his faithful wife for nearly 67 years, without a break in the family until the death of Mahlon and Lewis.
Most of his life was spent on the farm, and he was a farmer in the true sense of the word, one who enjoyed his work, and loved his nice horses and flocks about him. Even after his removal to Wilmington 20 years ago, he still kept up his deep interest in the growing things of the farm.
The day before his death he had been workng about in the yard and came to dinner in a cheerful way, joking with his wife about what he had been doing. While eating, was taken with a stroke of paralysis. Kind neighbors came in and carried him to his bed, he soon became unconscious, and near noon the next day, passed quietly away into the home beyond, prepared for all who love the Lord.

[NI1863] According to an interview with Roger S. Brackney by Frank Falgiano, Roger stated that his grand mother Brackney was a direct descendant of Ethan Allen and thus her middle name of Allen.


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